'Shoe and Leg' by Andy Warhol (1955) in high resolution

warhol shoe and legIn 1955, Warhol's burgeoning business as a commercial illustrator for fashion magazines and advertising agencies dramatically grew with his appointment as sole illustrator for the I. Miller shoe campaign. Shoes, in a sense, became Warhol's signature product. It is not suprising, then, that Warhol made them the subject of his portfolio "A la Recherche du Shoe Perdu." Inspired by Marcel Proust's famous memoir, "Rememberance of Things Past," Warhol clearly intended this portfolio of shoe confections to stir memories of his drawings for I. Miller. Each of the sixteen images in this portfolio comprises a shoe centrally placed on the page and accompanied by a simple line of text, a verbal-visual composition mimicking the picture and ad copy of advertisements. Each of the works in "A la Recherche du Shoe Perdu" were hand-colored. "Leg and Shoe" is an exceptional example from this exquisite suite in pristine condition.