Cowboys and Indians: John Wayne by Andy Warhol

Known for his paintings of celebrities and consumer goods, at the end of his career, Andy Warhol became engaged with the stories, myths and legends of the American West. In 1986 he created the 'Cowboys and Indians' suite. This suite, based on the promotional material, archival photographs and postcards, is one of the last works by Warhol, created just a year before his death in 1987. In it, Warhol paid tribute to the American version of the popular Western stories. He depicts American heroes of the American West: General Custer, Teddy Roosevelt and Geronimo, Western Entertainment heroes: Annie Oakley and John Wayne, and romanticized, stereotypical images of the famous Indians: Plains Indian Shield,Mother and Child, Kachina Dolls, and Northwest Coast Mask. Strategically placing these disparate icons together in one suite, these ten silk-screened prints challenge and put controversy to the American perception of cowboys and Indians.

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by Andy Warhol 
(30 in x 32 in)